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What can
Osteopathy do for you?

injury treatment

Osteopathy is most known for treating back pain but it can treat a lot more conditions.

Conditions treated

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, neuralgia, pins and needles, headache, chest congestion, joint pain, sports injuries, trapped nerves.
Cranial Osteopathy has been used successfully for many years to treat a variety of conditions in babies and children as it is a gentle treatment that helps restore function where it has been compromised by birth or other traumatic events.


Osteopathy was developed in the USA in the 1870s by an American, Dr Andrew Taylor Still, and has spread across the world since.

The principles are that if there is a structural imbalance in the body, this can lead to a disturbance of function. The nerve supply, blood supply and drainage can be affected, causing a wide variety of conditions.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy was developed in the USA in the 1930s by William Sutherland. He realised that the bones of the skull had the capacity to move, from which it gets its misleading name. He developed techniques for treating the bones of the head but also for the whole body. It follows Osteopathic principles but uses very gentle techniques, making it particularly suitable for treating babies, as well as people of all ages.

Why go and see Patrick?

You or your child has a problem and a friend suggests you need to see an Osteopath. So why would you come and see Patrick?

Patrick practices Osteopathy, he is interested in why a particular person has a particular problem. He appreciates that everyone is different and will try to understand each individual's functions to diagnose and treat their condition. The reasons could be multiple or single but, using back pain as an example, it is necessary to understand how the back works to find out what has gone wrong with it.
Patrick will take a genuine, personal interest in your particular problem and will endeavour to find the cause of your complaint and the solution to your well being.